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Our Values

We believe in sustainability in every area of our operations. As we grow and progress forward as a company we look for the most efficient ways to use our natural resources to better earth and better our products. We’ve implemented our wastewater treatment to go the extra mile for sustainability. Wastewater systems are adequately and sustainably funded both short and long term, that safeguard the public and protect and sustain natural resources for our products. We also implement sustainability into our everyday use is by using LED lighting throughout. Energy efficient motors are used throughout the plant. Low Nox burners are used for boilers and drying process. We have air to air heat exchangers to reduce natural gas usage for the drying process. Also, we reuse condensate water from evaporation to reduce domestic water use.

Other significant measures we take for sustainability is in our milk hauling and receiving. Our co-op haulers use compressed natural gas (CNG). The fleet removes 12 million miles of diesel per year and transports 42 trucks. In addition, 50% of milk coming into the plant is on supertankers to assist with fuel efficiency. By implementing the supertankers this reduces the number of trucks by 24 per day and fuel savings of 105,000 gallons per year. We have achieved a sustainable supplier of raw materials certification from one major food company for 5 years. One of the first U.S. suppliers of ingredients to a buyer to achieve this certification.

Along with our Co-Op Select Milk Producers and Fair Oaks Farms, changes have been implemented to make sustainability a priority in our everyday business. We believe in quality and we believe in doing things right and what’s best for our customers and consumers. As operations evolve and research continues we will never stop being innovators to make the necessary changes for continuing sustainability for our operations. Sustainability isn’t just something we claim; it’s how we live.

Our Mission

Continental Dairy Facilities, LLC purpose is to develop, grow, and support business units in order to maximize long term profits and sustainability to our stakeholders.

Our Quality Policy

Continental Dairy Facilities, LLC's management and employees are committed to producing high quality and safe dairy products. This commitment extends from our incoming materials to our final product. Each employee is tasked with seeking ways to continually improve our food safety and food quality management systems. Our goal is to operate within all regulatory requirements and to exceed customer requirements.

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